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Are you a fan of Facebook, Twitter or YouTube? Connect with A Kid Again on these social networks and help spread the word about what the organization is doing in your community! On these sites, view pictures and videos of the kids, read stories from our caring volunteers and thankful participants, be up to date on upcoming fundraising and adventure events and network with the hundreds of people in your community and around the world that support the mission of A Kid Again!


Login to your Facebook account or create a new account using an active email address. Once you have successfully logged in, type “A Kid Again” in the Search box at the type of the screen.  Each chapter has their own Facebook page, so select which chapter(s), but be sure to select the pages which list A Kid Again as a Non-Profit Organization. Once you are redirected to this page, click on the “Like” button next to the A Kid Again name title.  You will now receive all of the latest news and events from the particular A Kid Again chapter!  Be sure to share the official A Kid Again chapter pages with all of your Facebook friends!  To view the chapter sites directly, please visit Cincinnati Facebook   Cleveland Facebook   Dayton Facebook   Home Office Facebook


Do you like to tweet?  Follow A Kid Again on Twitter and help us spread the word about the wonderful activities were are doing in your local community. Login to your Twitter account or create a new acccount using an active email address. Our hashtag is #akidagain. Please be sure to tweet about A Kid Again with all of your Twitter friends! To view the site directly please visit  twitter.com/akidagain


A Kid Again has a YouTube Channel!  We have posted several videos about A Kid Again including our promotional video and segments on ONN.  View our A Kid Again video, A Day in the Life. Follow our  A Kid Again children and their families on their fun adventures. Produced by our generous donor Lyon Video and edited and narrated by Eve Mueller. Feel free to leave us a comment. Check it out! You might even see yourself in the video.  A Kid Again YouTube Channel



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