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My Letter to Kris


Hello. My name is Lisa Lauinger and my son, Kris Dozier was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 5 and he received a special wish in 1995. I wrote Kris a letter when he graduated from High School a few years ago, explaining to him our journey together and that he was the reason I became a hospice nurse. I have been asked to read his letter at different fundraisers and it is currently being used in the Westerville School system. I would love to share my letter with anyone who is interested and I hope it may be inspirational to the A Kid Again families. My contact number is 740-412-7425. Thank you.

Miracles & Magic

Miracles & Magic
Miracles & Magic

What a great night!!

We love what A Kid Again represents & how they care for those in need. I took my sons Tanner & Cody to the show & they loved it from start to finish & we talked about the show the entire way home. Which also gave me a chance to explain what AKA does & how we do what we can to help AKA with our donations & our time. Jon Petz & his magical team not only put on a great show but also reminded me not only why AKA is called A Kid Again - so those with life threatening illnesses can be "A Kid Again" but also to remind us adults what it was like to be "A Kid Again" & how much fun being a kid was, now add an illness to that & thats the life of some of these children. I love what A Kid Again represents & what they have taught me - it's better to give than to receive. Thanks - Gregg, Kim, Tanner & Cody Flowers

Thank You A Kid Again

Thanks for the Murphy Family

As a very greatful parent of a Kid Again kid, I thank you for your time, effort, and love. The smiling faces we see at the Holiday party make all the difference in that event. From the moment we walk into the venue, Amelia and her sisters and I are greeted with smiles and laughter from what seems like a million happy people, all there to make our day better.

When my girls wanted to go in two different directions, one volunteer said she’d keep an eye on one for me. When we got to the meal and I couldn’t carry our prizes and two meals, and hold onto my youngest, a kind man took both meals from me and escorted us to a table.  The women at the face painting station are ALWAYS a huge hit, of course, even trying the specific requests each child seems to come up with.

And this is just one event. Each time a volunteer gives his or her time, it helps brighten the day of one of our kids. And we thank you.

Amelia was born with spina bifida, and has had 49 surgeries in her 8 years so far. She is blessed with many people who care about her and two wonderful sisters, but she also copes with more than her fair share of complications. Her sisters deal with this in their own way, as well.  A Kid Again means the world to Amelia, and to her sisters. Just the other day, one of her sisters said, “I wish Amelia didn’t have to deal with everything she does, but it sure is nice that people invite us to fun places.”

Thanks You! We appreciate all of the hours, and smiles, and the love that you share with our family.

~Pam Murphy, mom of Amelia, Claire and Emma

SawMill Creek Getaway-Thanks!


Thank you for organizing another wonderful event for our family! The lodge was wonderful! The food was delicious, the movie fun- just an overall great time! It was so relaxing and enjoyable. A KID AGAIN is amazing - can't say enough words of praise for you. THANK YOU!

Michaela- A Young Volunteer

Michaela- A Young Volunteer
Michaela- A Young Volunteer

How an experience with A Kid Again (Adventures For Wish Kids formerly) helped my daughter earn a fully paid scholarship to her dream college.

A few years ago, when my family lived in Reynoldsburg, OH I volunteered with A Kid Again when it was still Adventures for Wish Kids. My daughters joined me on several occasions and those experiences have truly impacted their lives. When my daughter Michaela Ousley, who is now a High School Senior, started her college search, she fell in love with Berea College. She was required to submit an essay of either the worst experience of her life or the best experience of her life. She chose her experience with A Kid Again for her essay. The following is her essay. I'm pleased to announce that as of yesterday, Michaela was awarded a full four-year tuition scholarship to Berea College. Thank you for providing my daughter the opportunity to grow, learn, and give to others. Blessings rain down when you give. She is planning on double majoring in Child/Family studies and Sociology and going on to earn her Masters in Social Work. Who knows? Perhaps she will one day bring A Kid Again to Central Kentucky.
With a grateful heart,
Lisa Aliperti
The Best Experience of My Life by Michaela Ousley
Since I was a small child I have found joy in helping people less fortunate than myself, and one could say I am passionate about serving others. Community service has become second nature in my life; however, one project is especially meaningful to me, and I consider it to be one of the best experiences in my life. I worked with an organization called Adventures for Wish Kids in Columbus, Ohio. With help from volunteers, Adventures for Wish Kids provides events and activities for children with life-threatening or terminal diseases and their families that take the focus off the illness of the one child and allows them to enjoy normal family outings such as holiday parties, trips to amusement parks, and parent/child activities. I personally volunteered at a Halloween party helping the younger children choose a costume, get dressed, and go trick-or-treating, and assisted them with craft projects at COSI. At their Christmas party the same year, I helped wrap gifts for the families and I also served as an assistant photographer shooting family portraits
When I first started working with the children, it was very heart breaking. I met children with cancer who have lost their hair from chemotherapy, children with radiation burns, and others with missing limbs. Spending time with these children and talking to them has helped me develop a sense of appreciation for the health I've enjoyed and sadly taken for granted. Seeing the happiness on their faces made me realize how the little things a person can do for someone else can make a tremendous impact on the lives of others. In one instance we found out that the family portrait my mother, the photographer, and I shot was the very last photo of a certain little boy. He died of cancer two weeks after that photo was shot and his family will treasure that portrait forever.
Although I was originally there to help them, the children and their loved ones helped me in bigger ways than I think they realize. They have given me the courage to reach out beyond my fears and risk heartbreak for the greater joy. They have made me feel thankful for what I have because it is what they lack and, although they do not know it, they have given me a greater sense of faith because for some, faith and hope are what they are clinging to so desperately while facing terrible odds. They have certainly influenced my decision to work in a service field such as social work or counseling in a school setting. By volunteering with this program, I learned the value of community service and gained an understanding of how important it is for people to use their talents and resources to help the less fortunate. I feel very privileged to have had this unique experience. One of the things I miss most since moving to Kentucky from Ohio is working with Adventures for Wish Kids. I have every intention of working with this organization again sometime in the future.

Thank you for a fun day!

Thank you for sponsoring a day for our family and others at Cedar Point with A Kid Aagain!

It was wonderful! We didn't have to worry about anything, it was all taken care of for us. Our daughter was so proud of her new T shirt and couldn't wait to put it on. We had an absolutely wonderful time which we could not afford without your help. Thank you so much!

Cedar Point Adventure

Family Thank You

Thanks so much for the wonderful day at Cedar Point. We never could afford to do something like this without you!  Thanks so much for the time and energy you put towards such a wonderful organization and great programs! This is our first time attending an event through A Kid Again. We had such a wonderful time, words of thanks seem inadequate.

Dreamnight at the Zoo

Dream night at the Zoo
Dream night at the Zoo

Family Thank You

Dear Sponsers and Volunteers of A Kid Again,
Thank-you so much for the opportunity to visit the Columbus zoo. Our family has experienced a very stressful last year and was in need of some fun and smiles. Even though Rachel was in a cast and wheel chair she took it like a trouper and enjoyed each and every ride her leg would fit into..he he.
We all enjoyed seeing the elephants, and touching flamingos, snakes and lizards.
We would like to say a special thank-you to the Weber Family for telling us about A Kid Again and giving our family a place to find friendship, understanding and FUN again..your the best guys!
Rachel Middleton Family

Thank You for the Events

A Kid Again has made a difference in our lives.

Thank you so much ... We look forward to all the events and are so thankful for adventures ... Joey was only 6 months old when we started attending the events and I just want you to know that it has helped our family in so many ways. Thank you and everyone at adventures for all that you do ... it has made a difference in our lives.

- Lynn (mother of A Kid Again child Joey)

Thank You

Thank you for the great zoo adventure!

Thank you so much for Dreamnight at the Columbus Zoo.  My son Christopher has been battling stage 4 Wilm's Tumor this year.  The fight has brought our family together in many ways, but has also taken it's toll in many ways as well.  Financially, it was so freeing to be able to share a wonderful evening with my children, guilt-free and worry-free.  We had so much fun.  We especially enjoyed the bat exhibit, the animals being out and about and the rides.  Sponge Bob was also a special touch as my children have become huge Sponge Bob fans since laughter became so much more important during our journey this year.

My Hero

my story is about my son

my sons name is felipe perales he is a bright 7 year old boy . When my son was 3 he was really sick so i took him to the hospital and the doctors told me he had ALL . ALL is a cancer of the blood and bones but my sons was more serious than just that . when i got all the results they told me my son had two weeks to live because he had two blood infection also. really deadly infections that was killing him it was suppased to be a good day because it was his third birthday instead of celebrating we where planning a funeral he was in the hosital for two weeks really bad and i got a phone call i was at home because i just had a baby and one of his infections would not let me or the baby around him . well i got a call saying he was going for emergancy surgery well they open him up and his apendix burst its what saved my son he woke up three days later like nothing happened . since than he has been batteling for his happiness between me being sick him going into forster care for my illness but now hes home and hes so happy you would never think anything was wrong or never thought he could of died my son is my rock my hero .

Carson's Thanks

Carson Greatly thanks you

Hello, I am the mother of Carson Current. He is a cancer survivor. He had Wilm's tumor. He has been in remission for eight years. We greatly give you thanks for all the adventures that we have went on. It brightons his day when he sees an A Kid Again envolpe in the mail. If their is anyone out their whose child is a cancer survivor or has cancer now, I know what you are going through. If you would like to chat please send us an email at Vanessaandmitch@yahoo.com. We thank you again. The Current, Drew, Dodson Family.

Our Beautiful Angel

In March of 2005 our daughter, Angel, who was 3 years old at the time was diagnosed with cancer.

Our beautiful daughter was diagnosed with aml leukemia in 2005. It was not only hard on her but also the family. AKA was so wonderful they sent things to the hospital for her and our family. Every year we look forward to going to Kings Island for the big summer party to see her have so much joy in her heart and to be able to see the other survivors who are there. We are just over 3 years post chemo and she is doing wonderful. Thanks to our beautiful father we call Jesus Christ and having faith and believing all is okay. And thank you so much for bringing joy to so many hearts and giving children a change to reunite and become one and allowing them to become A KID AGAIN. thank you, The Dickerson Family

Thank you!

Wright State Basketball - Feb. 2009

We just wanted to tell you how much fun we had at the Wright State Basketball game last Sunday. Jacob enjoyed himself so much.
Thank you!
Jacob Candy & Family

Cleveland Indians Adventure

Family Thank You

We had a great time at the Indians game on Sunday ... There has already been a lot of networking among parents, which is invaluable!!! Just wanted to make sure you knew how much it is appreciated and how much we look forward to more upcoming events ...

Holiday Party - Hughes Family

Hughes Family
Hughes Family

Family Thank You

First, I would like to thank you so much for helping us make arrangements for the Christmas party we will be missing.  As you know, our kids have unexpected issues or surgeries that cause us to readjust our lives daily.

I would like to briefly explain to you how much A Kid Again means to our family.  I have 3 children ages 9, 7 & 5. My two oldest children, Cade & Cohen, race to the mailbox in hope to find an envelope with your logo on it.  They love the monthly activities you provide for our family.  The have had opportunities to experience things they otherwise may not have, without you.  We have gone to a Cincinnati Reds game, Kings Island, Holiday Adventure at Crossroads, and many more things.

As a parent of a child with many chronic issues, I look forward to the Parents' Night Out.  I am like the children at Kings Island when I get that gift card to a restaurant, we don't normally frequent.  For a mom, not cooking or cleaning up the dishes gets to our hearts EVERY TIME!

It isn't even all the stuff, places, or trips you provide for us that means the most, but the fact that someone out there cares and understands what some parents and children deal with everyday!  That is what makes me so proud to be a part of A Kid Again! I thank each and everyone of you for all that you do for our families. You do truly make a difference in the Hughes' Family!

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you!


I am a volunteer for A Kid Again!

Volunteering at A Kid Again events is very rewarding and a lot of fun. I love seeing the smiles on the children's faces while they are having fun at places like the Kings Island, the Columbus Zoo and Magic Mountain. Thank you A Kid Again for allowing me to volunteer with such an amazing organization. I am going to encourage all of my friends to volunteer too!

Holiday Party 2008 - Guess Family

Family Thank You

I just wanted to say thanks for the Holiday Party, we had a wonderful time, I think this was the best one that we have been to. I hope you all know what a difference you are making in so many lives. With the economy the way it is, I just think it is amazing that you guys can still put together such as awesome day! We truly enjoy every event that we attend. Thanks to all of you for working so hard!

Holiday Party 2008 - Wareham Family


Family Thank You

Thank you so much for the wonderful holiday party! We look forward to your "magical" party every year. It is suchs a special time for us and for other families going through such a difficult time as well. Thank you for the memories!


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