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Southwest Advisory Board

Chapter Advisory Boards support the local chapter and know the mission, purpose, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths and needs of A Kid Again. The Chapter Advisory Board members may also help to select, support and evaluate the performance of the Executive Director in consultation with the CEO; provide proper financial supervision for the local chapter; ensure adequate financial resources by contributing a monetary gift, by sharing knowledge of community resources, and by engaging in the procurement of funds; help to ensure effective organizational planning; help to recruit and orient new board members and strive to enhance the public standing of A Kid Again in their local community.

Southwest Board of Advisors

Christopher L. Hen, Interim Chair, Treasurer
NCP Finance

Donald Laden, Vice Chair
Upnorth Investments

Kendra Ramirez, Secretary
Ascendum Solutions

Greg Scheid
Kings Island

Peter Bergman
Messer Construction

Dan Driskell
Driskell Peterson Insurance Agency


Luke Pater, MD
Barrett Cancer Center & Precision Radiotherapy Center

Christine Rippe
Saks Fifth Avenue/The Nuvera Group

Greg Scheid
Kings Island

Matt Shafer
Kings Island

Jeffery Vaughn
Bridge Financial Group

Family Liason to the Board

Gary Lovings
Proctor and Gamble

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